Money-Saving Long Term Care Insurance Buyer’s Guide

December 22, 2017

A long term care insurance policy is expensive but you will realize its importance by the time you are about to use its services. Cost is also the number one thing that makes other people think twice about buying their insurance policy. But there are different ways on how to get a cheaper one without compromising the quality of service you will get in the future.


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Factors that Affect Long Term Care Insurance Cost



This is probably one of the most defining factors that will affect an individual’s insurance policy cost. Anyone can get a cheaper rate from their policy but they must buy it while they are still young. This would be the age of fifty to sixty years old.

The reason behind this is when you are still young; your health is still in its perfect condition thus making you less likely to use health care assistance. If you are already in your late sixties, the possibility of needing health care assistance is already high and the provider will have to reconsider in approving your application.

If ever you get approval, it is most likely that the rate that they will be giving you is going to be quite expensive.


Health Condition 

Health is also very important in determining the final insurance rate you will get. If you already have any chronic illnesses even if you are still young, expect that you will get a higher cost compared to if you are healthy.

Just imagine if you are already old and you also have a chronic disease, then the chances of getting approval for an application is really small.

Medical history will also be taken into account. Your agent or your provider will study your past health conditions and find any hereditary illnesses that you might also acquire in the future.


Be knowledgeable 

It is best that you know every nook and cranny of the services that your provider is offering. Think carefully of what services you are probably going to need and be clear and precise about the things that you want to be included in your policy. If you get anything that you have a slim chance of using, you will just be wasting money instead of saving.


Longer waiting period means lower long term care insurance rate 

The provider will let you choose a waiting period to when your benefits will take effect. If you are aiming to a lower rate policy, then it is a smart move to choose a longer waiting period.


Compare Quotes for a cheaper rate 

Instead of just choosing one provider, it is best that you pick a couple more. You have to gather different quotes from other providers and compare every one of them so that you can choose the best insurance policy that will suit your needs and your budget.


Additional Advice

You can either go to different insurance providers manually or you can take an easier way, by going online. Searching for an insurance policy quote online is going to help you in searching for the perfect provider that can satisfy your needs regarding insurance policy.

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