October 24, 2017

One of the things that can protect you from the high costs of healthcare services, which you would eventually use, is by obtaining a long term care insurance policy. This will eventually cover the expenses of medical bills or other health care services that you will use in the future. There are still a lot […]

September 22, 2017

A lot of policy owners today doubt whether their policies are still worth keeping following notices from insurance providers indicating their plans to increase long term care insurance rates. Long term care insurance specialists, however, advised the public to keep their policies because compared to using life savings to pay for care, paying a pre-determined […]

August 08, 2017

From finding ways to fund health and long term care costs to deciding when they best time to retire is, baby boomers have an overwhelming number of retirement questions that need answers sooner rather than later.   However, the biggest question on their minds may be somewhere along these lines: “What do I need to […]

June 27, 2017

Long-term care coverage is a necessary component of retirement planning because it helps baby boomers handle the sky-rocket costs of care. However, many from this generation are struggling to find comprehensive coverage that fits their needs and their budget. Often, the plans either fit their budget but not their needs or vice versa. On top […]

March 07, 2017

Long term care insurance poses many, big questions in many people’s minds. Is it worth it? Will I really need to purchase coverage? What can happen to me and my loved ones if I don’t? And more importantly, in a time when the country’s health and elder care costs seem to be taking a backseat, […]